(Bloomberg) -- The wind-energy industry is calling on governments to ramp up commitments to renewable power ahead of climate talks in Glasgow later this year.

The industry said it’s ready to expand rapidly, but politicians need to be stricter with their green targets, according to a report published by the Global Wind Energy Council. It had the support of companies including Vestas Wind Systems A/S, Orsted A/S and General Electric Co.’s renewables division. 

“We already have the tools and the technology we need to tackle climate change,” said Rebecca Williams, the GWEC’s director for the COP26 climate talks. “What we don’t have yet is the unprecedented political will we need to see to make this happen.”

Much more wind and solar power is needed to limit global temperature increases to 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial levels, according to the International Energy Agency. Already, new renewable-power installations are competitive in most of the world with fossil fuels. 

But there are still impediments to the kind of expansion called for by the IEA. One problem is that getting permits can be complicated for wind developers contending with local residents who think turbines will be eyesores.

Without faster approvals, “there will be a surplus of projects ‘stuck in the pipeline’ and countries will miss their climate targets,” the GWEC said.

The organization also called on governments to phase out coal, build more electric-vehicle charging stations and support carbon pricing to boost investment in clean energy.

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