(Bloomberg) -- The spokesman of the Yemen Shiite Houthi rebels officially announced that their armed forces have captured the districts of Al-Jubah and Jabal Murad in the oil-rich Marib province, getting closer to the city of Marib.

In a statement, he called on fighters from the tribes and the government to stop fighting as they move toward the city of Marib. He added that they are moving to “liberate” all of Yemen.

The two seized districts are the last important areas in Marib, the last strategic stronghold of the United Nations-recognized government in North Yemen.

The capture comes several days after the Houthi rebels gained control of the districts of Hareeb and Al-Abdiyah in Marib and three other districts in the neighboring Shabwa province.

The seizure of Al-Jubah and Jabal Murad make the Houthis closer to the city of Marib. If it falls, the Houthis would control Marib and its oil resources.

A day earlier, the United Arab Emirates withdrew from a main military camp in Shabwa.

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