(Bloomberg) -- Well, hello there. We have some great stories for you to delve into this weekend, and a revealing podcast to get you thinking.One of the dominant themes of the past week was US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s contentious visit to Taiwan, and the resulting fallout with China. It’s not clear why she chose this moment to visit Taiwan, when relations between the US and China were already stressfully low. But her trip offered insight into superpower relations as China, which considers Taiwan its lost territory, unleashed its most provocative military drills in decades. As our long-time Tokyo resident Gearoid Reidy notes in Bloomberg Opinion, it’s a reminder to the region that China—and President Xi Jinping—is more than adept at playing the long game. Pelosi, a China hawk in her 80s, said she wanted Taiwan to know the US won’t abandon a vital partner in democracy and trade (read: chips). Message received.

Away from geopolitical angst, Bloomberg Markets magazine polled some big names, from Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman to the world’s longest-serving central banker (10 points if you can guess where he’s from), asking them what they think poses the biggest threat to the economy.

Our markets reporters dug into what Friday’s robust jobs numbers mean for stock investors. For many, it confirms that the Fed might be able to tame inflation without crushing the economy.

Bloomberg Green teamed up with our graphics department to come up with this very smart look at where to find the coolest spots (literally) in the world’s most sweltering cities. Turns out that trees and green corridors really do work.

If you’re planning on taking to the road this summer in a Tesla, Kyle Stock has done the hard yards and worked out where you’re most likely to find a charging point. In fact, many of America’s favorite driving journeys are still off the map for non-Tesla EVs. That includes the Grand Canyon.

And in the new episode of the Bloomberg podcast “Losing It,” we explore why the backlash against dieting is happening, how companies are getting in on the action, and whether we’re actually over losing weight...or maybe just over the word “diet.”

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and we’ll be back tomorrow with a look-ahead to the coming week.


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