(Bloomberg) -- Like our intrepid friend in the picture above, trying out Melbourne’s new perilous-looking playground, it’s a time to assess risks. Has the Adani stock slump gone far enough? What’s next after the US shot down China’s balloon? Where will Russia sell its oil as new sanctions begin? Will Beyonce win again? Let’s see.

The big selloff: The Adani saga continued this weekend with news that the group shelved its planned bond sale, while debt holders are sounding out lawyers and advisers as to what to do next.

The big balloon: The US finally brought down the alleged Chinese surveillance balloon, though not without protests by Beijing which reiterated it was for civilian purposes. The incursion may have given President Joe Biden a bit more diplomatic leverage over China.

The big bailout: Pakistan’s boom-bust economy has brought its government back to the door of the International Monetary Fund seeking a 13th bailout in three decades. This Quicktake shows what difference $6 billion might make.

The big gas station. India is buying lots of cheap Russian oil and refining it into fuel for Europe and the US who are trying to cut Vladimir Putin’s energy revenue. Yet India hasn’t come under much pressure to stop this lucrative and growing trade.

The big data: The central banks of Australia and India will deliver what could turn out to be their last rate hikes in the current cycle. China’s consumer price numbers will give an indication of just how big a party the Chinese had over the Lunar New Year, while GDP growth in Indonesia and Malaysia probably decelerated. In Japan, bigger winter bonuses to counter inflation could lift monthly wages by the most since at least 1997.

The big earnings: It’s all going to be about corporate governance and debt as the units in Gautam Adani’s empire report this week. In Japan, investors will be watching for news of a share buyback when SoftBank Group releases results on Tuesday and later in the week Toyota Motor Corp.’s latest earnings follow the recent announcement that long-time CEO Akio Toyoda will be replaced by Lexus chief Koji Sato.

The big noise: Will  Beyoncé be the queen of this year’s Grammys and scoop up enough prizes to become the most-awarded musician in the event’s history. (And will Bjork finally win one?) You can catch the glitz tonight, or, if you’re a real die-hard fan, consider this opportunity to purchase the music rights of your favorite artist or music catalog. 

And finally, for a more soothing Sunday, take a look inside this castle of cashmere, where one factory owner is trying to do things a little differently.

Have a warm week.

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