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More than half a million cases of Covid-19 now span the globe, with countries taking drastic measures to stop the spread. China is keeping foreigners out, India is trying to keep 1.3 billion people indoors, the U.S. continues to struggle with testing and doctors in Spain are being forced to choose who to save. Britain’s Boris Johnson became the first world leader to test positive, and President Donald Trump signed a $2 trillion virus rescue package.Bloomberg is mapping the pandemic globally and across America. For the latest news, sign up for our Covid-19 podcast and daily newsletter.

What you’ll want to read this weekend

The financial crisis paved the way for a new breed of populists. Will the pandemic tighten or loosen their grip? Some countries are starting to hoard food, and some world leaders have assumed sweeping powers they may not relinquish.

Localized supply chains are a secret weapon as 3M increases production of N95 masks to help fight the pathogen. Bloomberg Businessweek goes inside a factory in Maine that’s racing to supply America with testing swabs and France has adapted a high-speed train to serve as a mobile hospital.

Covid-19 is impacting everything from retirement dreams to weather forecasts. In the U.S., billionaires want people back at work, and this one in Texas is being hit on all sides.

The new coronavirus is an apocalypse for the world’s restaurants, but there’s a small bright spot in the food world: Farmers’ markets are providing a lifeline to U.S. growers and shoppers. And take-out alcohol is a thing.

In a snap, the coronavirus turned the fitness industry virtual. Maybe it’s not surprising that the home “smart bike” (think Peloton) business is doing well—but the climb may not last.

What you’ll need to know next week

  • For those keeping track, clocks spring forward in most of Europe.
  • The current OPEC+ deal is set to formally end.
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance, Chewy and H&M report earnings.
  • With U.S. jobless claims soaring, a new employment report arrives.
  • March 31 marks U.S. Equal Pay Day. And don’t be fooled on April 1.

What you’ll want to read in Bloomberg Pursuits

New York City is running out of pets to foster. Of all the shortages created by the pandemic—ventilators, hand sanitizer, toilet paper—maybe the oddest is dogs. Oh, and cats, too. That’s right, there’s a run on pets, at least of the adopted or fostered kind, in the New York city area. Misery apparently loves furry company.



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