(Bloomberg) -- Germany will deliver several thousands strike drones and 100 additional Patriot guided-missiles to Ukraine as part of the latest military aid package for the war-battered country.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius unveiled the support during a joint visit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy at a military site in Sanitz, northern Germany, where Ukrainian soldiers are being trained to operate the Patriot air-defense system.

Earlier on Tuesday, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani told the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin that the government in Rome is also readying another military package for Kyiv that will include a SAMP-T defense system.

Zelenskiy highlighted the urgent need to protect and rebuild Ukraine’s battered energy infrastructure at the beginning of the conference after his country suffered extensive attacks on its power network, which forced the authorities to impose more rationing of electricity supplies.  

The German package includes manual weapons such as sniper rifles, anti-tank weapons and components of artillery ammunition requested by Kyiv.

The government in Berlin is also considering sending a fourth Patriot air-defense missile battery to Ukraine, Bloomberg reported last week. Western allies have struggled to deliver the equipment that Zelenskiy has urgently requested to fend off Russia’s fresh assault.

Italy and France provided a first SAMP-T to Ukraine in 2023. The air-defense system is the equivalent to Germany’s IRIS-T system, which can track several incoming ballistic missiles and shoot them down.

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