(Bloomberg) -- Far-right politician Geert Wilders said that the four Dutch coalition parties have agreed on the formation of new cabinet more than six months after the elections. 

“We’re out! An agreement on everything! A new cabinet,” Wilders said in a post on social media platform X on Tuesday.

Wilders, who delivered a surprise victory in the Nov. 22 elections, has been working to cobble together a right-wing coalition with three other parties for several months. Last month, his far-right Freedom Party, the liberal VVD, the center-right NSC and the populist Farmer-Citizen Movement settled on a coalition framework which included plans to significantly cut back migration. 

Attempts to form a government have faced several setbacks since Wilders’ surprise election victory in November. The far-right politician was also forced to abandon his bid to become prime minister in order to move talks forward.

Leaders of all coalition members have agreed to stay out of the next cabinet, which is expected to include a mix of ministers who are affiliated with political parties, as well as those from different fields.

The parties have tapped Dick Schoof, a former head of the Dutch intelligence service, as their candidate to replace Mark Rutte. The process to form the cabinet is expected to be completed by June 26. 

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