(Bloomberg) -- Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urged other nations to join with his country in building an international platform for defusing cyber attacks.

A global cyber shield is the best defense against hackers, Bennett, a former cyber security entrepreneur, said Wednesday at a digital security conference in Tel Aviv.

“If you try and fight alone you will lose,” he said, calling cyber threats one of the top menaces to Israel’s national security. “If you fight together, you will win.”

Israel is a world leader in developing technology to secure digital networks.

High-profile cyber attacks in the past month have driven home the threat. Over the July 4 holiday weekend in the U.S., cyber attacks sowed chaos at hospitals, idled America’s biggest gasoline pipeline, crippled a huge meat supplier and struck hundreds of companies.

“Everything is under attack; our water, our electricity, our food, our cars,” Bennett said. “Why? Because it is easy and has never been easier.”

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