No Canadian companies involved in a shortened workweek trial intend to revert back to a five-day week, new research from 4 Day Week Global shows.

The findings were part of non-profit 4 Day Week Global’s 12 months on report, released Wednesday, which followed North American companies that trialled four-day workweeks for six months at a time in 2022 and 2023.

According to the latest results from the trial, 100 per cent of organizations said they are “definitely, planning or learning towards” continuing the shortened working arrangement. 

Tara Vanderloo, the chief experience officer at Sensei Labs, a Canadian company involved in the trial, said that shortened working hours appeared to be a good fit for the company. 

“The prep work pressurized all our teams and systems and helped identify opportunities to enhance productivity and find 20 per cent efficiencies,” Vanderloo said in a news release on the findings.

Vanderloo said the pilot was successful in driving engagement, loyalty and retention for Sensei Labs.

“We’re excited to keep the four-day week in place beyond the pilot, and our teams remain deeply committed to the practice and preserving our productivity metrics,” Vanderloo said. 

Nine of the companies that participated in the trial were based in Canada and 32 were in the U.S.

In total, 988 workers took part in the trial across Canada and the U.S., the report said, while 630 workers completed baseline and endpoint surveys, resulting in a 64 per cent response rate. 

Companies saw revenue increase by 15 per cent during the trial, weighted by company size. Thirty-two per cent of employees indicated they are now less likely to leave their jobs. 

The report also highlighted improvements across productivity measures.  

"There was a big improvement in self-reported productivity, with a 57 per cent increase in workers’ current work ability compared to their lifetime best,” the report said. 

More than two-thirds of participating workers reported reductions in burnout, at 69 per cent, the report highlighted, while 40 per cent felt “less stressed” during the shortened week. 


4 Day Work Week Global recruited companies in Canada and the U.S. throughout 2022 to participate in its six month pilot program in various waves. Forty-one companies participated at different times. Data was gathered on the experience of companies and employees and some of the companies were included in the 12-month trial findings.