MONTREAL -- A new poll indicates an overwhelming majority of Canadians want to tear down trade barriers to alcohol across the country.

The poll released today has 89 per cent of respondents saying they strongly or somewhat agree Canadians should be allowed to bring any legal product from one province to the other.

The Ipsos Public Affairs poll commissioned by the right-leaning Montreal Economic Institute comes as the Supreme Court of Canada gets ready to hear the case of a New Brunswick man fighting against provincial liquor monopolies.

Gerard Comeau was arrested in 2012 by the RCMP and fined for bringing alcohol into New Brunswick from Quebec.

Comeau contested his ticket and his lawyers will argue in front of the Supreme Court in December that the fathers of Confederation wanted a single market for all products made in Canada.

Eighty-four per cent of respondents said Canadians should be permitted to order wine from any winery in the country, while 78 per cent said they should be allowed to bring any amount of wine or beer purchased in one province into another province.

Fewer than 15 per cent of respondents said they strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that alcohol monopolies should be maintained.