(Bloomberg) -- Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. diners are flocking back into the chain’s restaurants, looking to avoid extra delivery fees — and to better control what goes into their burritos.

Delivery transactions declined 15% in the fourth quarter, the company said. It’s a another way that inflation-weary Americans are trading down and cutting costs in the face of economic uncertainty. But they’re also doing it to keep an eye on customizations of their food, Chief Executive Officer Brian Niccol said in an interview. 

“People are opting to get it on their own for a myriad of reasons,” he said. “The cost is less.”

Chipotle charges more for its food on third-party delivery apps such as GrubHub Holdings Inc. than at its stores or on its own website. Then there are often extra fees to have the food delivered. 

The company said during its earnings call Tuesday evening that it’s getting faster on its front line of food serving, but also continuing to work on speed and order accuracy on its line that handles digital and delivery orders.

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