(Bloomberg) -- Estonia repulsed the largest wave of cyber attacks in over a decade as a pro-Kremlin hacking group retaliated to the government’s dismantling of a monument dedicated to Soviet World War II veterans.

“Estonia was subject to the most extensive cyber attacks it has faced since 2007,” Luukas Ilves, Undersecretary for Digital Transformation, said on Twitter on Thursday. “Attempted DDoS attacks targeted both public institutions and the private sector.” 

The attacks were ineffective, and apart for “some brief and minor exceptions, websites remained fully available throughout the day,” he said.

The pro-Kremlin hacking group Killnet claimed responsibility, having also targeted Estonia during a NATO-affiliated cyber-security exercise in April.

On Tuesday, authorities removed a T-34 tank from its pedestal in the city of Narva, a city on the border with Russia, after Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said Moscow was using Soviet monuments to foment hostility in the Baltic country. 

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