Navigating money in a common-law relationship

It’s not exactly romantic but it’s a necessary conversation for couples in common-law relationships: What happens in the event of a break up? Common-law legislation differs from province to province but generally, it’s meant to protect each individual based on factors such as how long they’ve lived together and joint ownership of possessions. Making a plan now can save a couple some grief before emotions run high during a break up, experts say.

Homeowners feel the strain from inflation: Survey

Six-in-ten homeowners are taking steps to deal with the surging cost of living, a survey, conducted by Leger, for BNN Bloomberg and RATESDOTCA, has found. Respondents reported taking on extra work or looking for a better job and tapping their savings or debt in the face of sky-high inflation.

Falling global food prices could offer some consumer relief

Global food prices declined for a fifth straight month in August and it could mean lower grocery bills for Canadians. A United Nations index of world food costs dropped 1.9 per cent last month in comparison to July, as demand for some products weakened and seasonal harvests increased supply.

Return-to-office showdown

Between beers on the dock, some Canadians will be having to plan what their morning commute will look like next week. There’s been a renewed push from some employers to get staff back into the office after September long weekend, but that’s being met with resistance by workers who say they are saving time and money by not commuting into work. Experts say we could see a wave of employees quitting their jobs this fall, as many Canadians now favour flexible work arrangements.




- That’s how much the national average retail price for gasoline was on Thursday, according to National Resources Canada. The price of gas is at the cheapest level since February, right before the effects of Russia’s attack of Ukraine were starting to impact the pumps.


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