(Bloomberg) -- Strong support in Massachusetts for abortion rights could prove attractive to employers as they grapple with how the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade affects their employees, Governor Charlie Baker said Monday. 

“I do believe that -- having listened to and heard from a lot of companies over the course of the past several days about what this decision means with respect to their work forces and their benefit plans -- that there may in fact be a big opportunity here for Massachusetts,” Baker told reporters.

It could present a chance, he added, “to encourage some employers to either come here or expand their footprint here, because we are a state that takes this issue seriously and will be there for their employees when they need those kinds of reproductive services and supports.”

Some corporations have responded to last week’s Supreme Court’s decision by indicating that they would extend coverage of out-of-state medical care or cover travel costs for employees who have to travel to a different state for an abortion. Yet companies embracing those approaches could face criticism and even retribution from abortion opponents in states that enact restrictions. 

In late 2020, the Massachusetts state legislature passed a law firmly establishing legalized abortion, and Baker, a Republican who supports abortion rights, issued an executive order on Friday meant to protect any state employees or providers from legal threats emanating from states that ban the procedure. 

The legislature is also considering a proposal to funnel $2 million into abortion access in anticipation of an expected influx of patients from other states. 

Baker said he believed the executive order could withstand any legal challenge. 

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