(Bloomberg) -- The Pentagon awarded $800 million in additional contracts since mid November to replace weapons and equipment sent to Ukraine, as well as another $1.2 billion in contracts for the country’s long-term security needs, according to the latest monthly tally.

The total included $363 million in new restock contracts to unspecified companies for additional 155mm rounds, according to a Dec. 5 fact sheet made available to Bloomberg News. The largest new restock addition was a contract to Lockheed Martin Corp. to produce more HIMARS mobile rocket systems that Ukraine’s used against Russian targets. 

“This is a big jump,” Mark Cancian, a defense analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies and who tracks Ukraine contracting, said in an email. “This is the pace DOD needs to maintain to spend the money appropriated and get equipment into the hands of the troops.” 

The spending brings the total value of contracts the Pentagon has awarded to replenish stocks sent to Ukraine to $3.4 billion. That leaves $10.6 billion of the $14 billion Congress has appropriated since fiscal year 2022 to replace equipment sent to Ukraine under the Presidential Drawdown Authority.

“Replacement contracts are expected to deliver over multiple years, as many capabilities delivered to Ukraine, such as advanced munitions, have two- to three-year production times,” the statement said. 

Similarly, the Pentagon as of this week put on contract $2.7 billion of $9.3 billion Congress’s appropriated since fiscal year 2022 for direct contracts under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. That’s up $1.2 billion in USIA contracts from last month’s Pentagon tally because of the recent award to Raytheon to build six additional NASAMS air defense systems.

At least another $6.6 billion in congressionally approved funding remains in the USIA pipeline to be awarded.

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