(Bloomberg) -- South Korea’s military is looking to see if North Korea fired two cruise missiles Tuesday morning toward waters off its east coast, the Chosun newspaper said on its website, citing unidentified government sources and an opposition party lawmaker. 

There were no further details of the launch in the newspaper’s report and the Defense Ministry has yet to make an announcement. The report of the launch comes as North Korea this month conducted its biggest series of ballistic missile launches since August 2019.  

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While the United Nations Security Council has imposed resolutions barring North Korea from ballistic missile testing, Pyongyang faces no such restrictions on tests of cruise missiles.

In September, North Korea said it successfully test-fired a new model of long-range cruise missile that flew for about 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) -- long enough to strike large parts of Japan. 

Unlike ballistic missiles that fly in an arched trajectory and are not powered on descent, cruise missiles are powered throughout flight and are generally more maneuverable. 

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