(Bloomberg) -- The attitude among Swedes toward nuclear is now the most positive since 2011, the year of the disaster at the Fukushima power plant in Japan. 

The share of people who want to keep using the controversial technology is also at a record high of 56%, according to an annual survey by the Som Institute at Gothenburg University. That’s up from 42% a year earlier. 

The energy crisis has highlighted a need across Europe for more stable, domestic power production to counter the sharp decline in Russian gas imports. Sweden’s government is planning to revive the nation’s nuclear industry after several reactors closed in the last decade. 

Still, nuclear isn’t as popular as solar, hydro or wind power. As much as 76% of people in the survey say they are very positive toward solar power. 

Outside energy, Som for the first time polled Swedes on their confidence in NATO, and 52% said they have relatively high or very high confidence in the defense organization. 

It’s the 37th survey by the industry, and researchers polled 26,250 people between 16 and 90 from Sept. 12 to Dec. 30.

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