TORONTO - Telus Corp. (T.TO), BlackBerry Ltd. (BB.TO) and two Ottawa-based partners are looking for a select number of innovative early-stage Canadian companies that can quickly put together new secure technology for the "internet of things."

The internet of things includes consumer devices such as voice-activated smart speakers and wearable fitness trackers.

Industrial applications include arrays of sensors that monitor anything from highway traffic to agricultural crops.

Leo Lax of L-Spark says his Ottawa-based accelerator will provide facilities for the project and Telus will provide funding as well as access to a wireless network that's specifically configured for internet-connected devices.

The entrepreneurs chosen for the project will also have access to business mentors and technical expertise from Telus, BlackBerry and Solace.

Lax says the partners will select four businesses and help them turn their innovative ideas into secure internet-of-things products and services within four months -- much quicker than they could on their own.