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Energy companies Octopus Energy and Renewable Energy Systems have joined forces to spend 3 billion pounds ($4.1 billion) by 2030 to build hydrogen plants across the U.K.

In a push to accelerate U.K. industries shift away from fossil fuels the two companies said they are planing to build a fleet of new hydrogen plants across the U.K. The plants will utilize times with excess of wind and solar to make the green fuel readily available for large scale consumers. 

“The supply of green hydrogen will be critical to the success of many industries in meeting the U.K.’s net zero targets,” Alex Brierley, Co-Head for Octopus Renewables said in statement. “We are providing a solution for those businesses.”

The companies said they where responding to the new U.K. hydrogen strategy that was unveiled in August with the hopes to releasing as much as 4 billion pounds of investments. According to the plan as much as 35% of the nations energy consumption could be met by the fuel in 2050. 

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