(Bloomberg) -- The UK said it will force social media platforms and services like Alphabet Inc.’s Google Ads to stop scam advertisements, including fake celebrity endorsements, and take tougher action to prevent children from age-restricted ads for drinking and gambling.

“People frequently encounter fraudulent celebrity endorsements for financial scams, legitimate-looking pop-ups containing hidden malware, and promotions for products prohibited under UK law - such as weapons, drugs, counterfeit fashion and fake ticketing,” the Department for Culture, Media and Sport said in an emailed statement on Tuesday. “A range of targeted legislative and non-legislative measures will address the most serious risks linked to online advertising.”

New laws will impose extra responsibilities across the complex digital advertising supply chain, from major platforms to website owners, ad-tech intermediaries, and influencers, the department said. The measures will target the so-called ad-tech supply chain and complement the Online Safety Bill, which addresses scam ads on social media and search engines.

As part of what the UK government calls the Online Advertising Programme, officials will now consult on the details of potential legislation, including which regulator it will recommend to oversee the new rules, according to the statement.

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