(Bloomberg) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping called on local authorities to work to relieve the severe drought in some provinces that’s threatening electricity supplies and adding a further risk to economic growth.

Local governments in northern regions also need to step up their monitoring of floods, Xi said during a trip to Liaoning province in northern China this week, according to a report by the state broadcaster CCTV. Heavy rainfall in the province has damaged crop output and residents’ property, local authorities told Xi. He called on them to ensure public safety and help those affected resume normal life and production, according to the CCTV report. 

A heat wave in southern China has led some factories in Sichuan province to curb production as hydropower generation is impacted by the worst drought on record. Water levels in the Yangtze River -- China’s largest waterway -- fell to the lowest level for this time of year.

Xi also reiterated a pledge to coordinate Covid controls and economic development during the trip. He said China will persist with opening up its economy even though globalization is being challenged and protectionism is emerging.

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