(Bloomberg) -- Da Afghanistan Bank said the banking sector is in a “good condition” and “completely secure,” as the central bank seeks to reassure local businesses even though U.S. and other Western allies have frozen billions of dollars in reserves overseas. 

“In view of the economic situation of the country, all banks, FXDs and companies including national merchants will soon adjust their operations in a normal and regular manner and will conduct their business affairs with complete surety,” the central bank’s acting governor Mohammad Idris said in a statement on Wednesday. 

Yet, since the resumption of bank operations last month, the central bank ordered the banks to limit the withdrawals to $200 per week for each customer. 

The acting governor’s comments come as the Taliban asked for additional humanitarian aid from the the international community on Tuesday. The United Nations raised more than $1.2 billion in emergency pledges to help the country recover from two decades of war.


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