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Jul 10, 2020

Amazon says 'delete TikTok' email to employees was an error

Social media has become too influential not to take TikTok seriously as a security threat: Bruce Croxon


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​ Inc. said an email sent to employees instructing them to delete the social-media app TikTok from mobile devices they use to access company email was a mistake.

In a statement Friday, the company said: “This morning’s email to some of our employees was sent in error. There is no change to our policies right now with regard to TikTok.”

The online retailer had earlier instructed employees to delete the app by the end of the day. “Due to security risks, the TikTok app is no longer permitted on mobile devices that access Amazon email,” the initial message said. “If you have TikTok on your device, you must remove it by 10-Jul to retain mobile access to Amazon email.”

U.S. officials have raised security concerns about TikTok, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance Ltd. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo recently told Americans not to download the app unless they want to see their private information fall into “the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.”

TikTok has repeatedly denied allegations that it poses a threat to U.S. national security.

“User security is of the utmost importance to TikTok – we are fully committed to respecting the privacy of our users,” a TikTok spokesperson wrote in an email before Amazon said its message was sent in error.