The rumour mill went into overdrive Friday after Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was spotted at the White House.

But speculation that he might jump ship to another central bank has been silenced after the Bank of England told BNN that while the Carney did visit the White House, he was only there on matters related to his role as head of the Financial Stability Board.

The Bank of England also said Carney met with Gary Cohn, his fellow Goldman Sachs alumnus, who is currently an advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump.

Carney began his career at Goldman before joining Canada’s Department at Finance. He later served as Bank of Canada governor for five years before becoming head of the Band of England in 2013.

It was revealed in October that Carney would be delaying his planned departure from England’s central bank a year until June 2019 to help with the Brexit process. He is eligible to stay in the position until 2021, but opted out of that option.