• The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo (MJBizCon) is a three-day event focused on innovating fresh ideas on current trends in the cannabis industry
  • Investor Intelligence Conference will kick off MJBizConWEEK
  • Attendees are treated to a collaborative environment to ensure everyone has the opportunity to connect with and gain knowledge from the experts

The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo (MJBizCon) is coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center from December 11-13, 2019, and it’s the largest gathering of cannabis business professionals in the world. With 35,000 attendees from over 75 countries and programming to benefit every sector, there is no other place like it to equip businesses for growth. 

MJBizCon began in 2012 and after seven years of running this sought-after event, the 2019 event will be expanding, moving to two halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center to accommodate its continued increase in global recognition, the rapidly expanding attendance and its significant impact beyond the convention center walls.

Deemed MJBizConWEEK by the Board of Clark County Commissioner and the City of Las Vegas, MJBizDaily added The Investor Intelligence Conference as the kickoff event of MJBizCon this year, Dec 9-10 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. This dedicated cannabis investing event comes at a critical time for the industry, as pressure on cannabis stocks and companies grow.

Major growth continues to make MJBizCon the most sought-after event for cannabis professionals

MJBizCon is the largest and most trusted business trade show in the nascent cannabis industry. In fact, Trade Show Executive Magazine has named MJBizCon as one the fastest growing retail trade shows in the U.S. consistently for the past four years. 

This year’s conference will cover a wide range of topics from broad to niche subjects including the globalization of cannabis, the regulatory landscape, consolidation, and investing across all aspects of the value chain, including socially responsible investing. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear about the varied U.S. markets, as well as Canada, Europe, and the markets beyond.

Additionally, attendees will have the chance to attend conference sessions, keynotes, networking opportunities and access to the exhibition hall where they can connect with over 1,300 exhibitors. This three-day event aims to provide attendees with the forecasts and data that is crucial for making informed decisions, especially in today’s dynamic global industry. 

With the cannabis market’s rapid growth, Chris Day, Vice President of External Relations at MJBizDaily, advises that businesses need to, “Keep in mind that competitive pressures grow as markets expand. Identifying your niche within the business and what uniquely differentiates you will be the key to long term success.”

Cannabis trends sparking interest for 2020

There’s no doubt that the cannabis industry has taken off. The cannabis market was valued at US$10 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD$30 billion by 2023.

Furthermore, major milestones have been reached this year with Canada recently announcing Cannabis 2.0 which legalized edibles and topicals. In Los Angeles, the city opened up the first U.S.-based cannabis cafe, and in England, the NHS has just approved the first cannabis-based medicine to help reduce symptoms in patients that suffer from epilepsy. 2019 has sparked high growth and at MJBizCon, organizers, speakers and attendees will be reflecting on these changes in the topics and themes discussed.

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MJBizCon is expecting over 35,000 attendees and they have prepared diverse programming to benefit every sector.

Day shares some of the most exciting trends he is looking forward to at the moment. “In the United States, we are particularly excited to see the continued expansion of markets in each of the legalized states as well as progress around the discussion of normalization of banking for the industry.”

“Additionally, on a global level, the efforts around streamlining opportunities to create international trade routes between markets and continued research into medicinal attributes of cannabis have the potential to drive further exponential industry growth.”

What investors can look forward to in the new year

Although the cannabis industry has come a long way in 2019, the new year is likely to reach even more milestones and advancements. 

Day states his favourite aspect of hosting these events is interacting with the attendees and investors each year and watching them succeed and progress in their ventures.

“MJBizCon is about bringing people together with amazing expertise and knowledge to help build the global cannabis industry. Every event we learn more and get the opportunity to see businesses grow from that knowledge exchange. Seeing people come back year after year as their businesses continue to expand and be successful is my favorite part.”

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