OTTAWA -- Canada and California are planning to harmonize their efforts to cut pollution from cars and pickup trucks.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and California Gov. Gavin Newsom say they will work together to develop the best achievable standards to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases from road vehicles.

California is suing the United States federal government after President Donald Trump moved last summer no longer allow California to set its own standards for tailpipe emissions.

Trump is enacting that change at the same time as he is rolling back standards set under his predecessor Barack Obama that would have required the efficiency of gasoline-powered vehicles to improve each year through 2025.

Canada has aligned with the United States on tailpipe emissions standards for more than two decades and signed on to the 2012 version set by Obama.

After Trump moved to lower those standards last summer Canada said it was reviewing its plan and wouldn't commit to maintaining unity with the United States any longer.