(Bloomberg) -- An Israeli-owned ship was “slightly damaged” by an Iranian missile in the Arabian Sea, Al Arabiya TV reported, days after Iran accused Israel of assaulting one of its nuclear facilities.

The report did not identify the Bahamas-flagged car carrier or its owner, but said this was this second time one of the company’s vessels had been targeted. The ship continued on its way after it was hit, Al Arabiya said.

Middle East Tensions Rise as Israel Says Iran Attacked Ship (1)

A vessel owned by Tel Aviv-based Ray Shipping Ltd., the Helios Ray, was hit by an explosion in March that Israel blamed on Iran. The Hyperion Ray, also owned by Ray Shipping, was in the area on Tuesday, according to Bloomberg tracking data.

A spokesman for the company said the ship “incurred no damage and is continuing at full speed on its original voyage.” He had no comment when asked whether there was an attempted assault on the vessel.

Iran and Israel have traded multiple accusations of shipping attacks in recent months. On Monday, Iran also blamed Israel for an attack on the power supply at its Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, vowing revenge.

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