(Bloomberg) -- President-elect Javier Milei aims to present reforms to Argentina’s tax and labor laws, political processes and potential privatizations in an economic “shock” package immediately after taking office on Dec. 10, La Nacion newspaper reported Sunday.

Milei, a radical libertarian who swept to victory on a promise to shake up Argentina’s flailing economy, will propose the reforms in a bill normally used to appoint the cabinet, La Nacion reported, citing unidentified high-ranking members of Milei’s political party.

The plans, which have not been finalized, include deregulation in sectors like mining and oil, simplifying the tax system and possibly privatizing some state companies and handing ownership of others to their employees. 

The political changes could include reforming party financing and the electoral system. Milei is also looking to abolish state institutes focused on indigenous affairs and racism, the report says. 

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