Inc. said it will sell its customer software as a “Vaccine Cloud” that can help government agencies and health care providers build and manage their COVID-19 vaccine programs.

Government agencies can use the software to analyze data to ensure they are getting enough doses of the vaccine and make decisions based on population health and demographics, the company said Wednesday in a statement. Health care providers will be able to manage processes around giving the shots, such as outreach to patients who need it, record-keeping and monitoring vaccine inventory. 

The company said more than 35 agencies worldwide and thousands of health care providers and nonprofit groups are using Salesforce software to administer vaccines. The company said the product will help provide patients easier signup and appointment processes, an issue that has plagued the early COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the U.S. 

The state of California is among those agencies that will be using Salesforce’s vaccine cloud in partnership with other products to create a one-stop vaccine registration system for residents, the company said.

Last year, Salesforce announced an alliance with Okta Inc. to aid with COVID-19 contact-tracing technology.