The software industry will be among the first to see productivity and growth from the artificial intelligence boom, one investment professional says. 
Speaking with BNN Bloomberg’s Andrew Bell, Stefan Slowinski, global head of software Research at BNP Paribas Exane, said software businesses have the advantage of quickly embedding generative AI technologies into their products, which reach millions of people. 
“The software companies themselves as being the first beneficiaries in terms of top line, but also they can benefit operationally — this can help them lower some sales and marketing costs and some research and development costs (R&D),” he said. (can you double check the quote?)
Slowinski recommended Salesforce Inc. (CRM), Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) and Inc. (AMZN) as his top three stock picks positioned to benefit from their AI capabilities. 
He and his family do not own and shares of the stocks mentioned above, however his firm and his investment banking clients do. 
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