(Bloomberg) -- Fertilizer demand is so strong -- despite sky-high prices -- that farmers are lining up for the key crop inputs, according to one of the world’s largest producers.

“We’ve had very good pricing and we’re continuing to see very good strength,” Nutrien Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Mayo Schmidt said Tuesday in a phone interview. “Our greatest challenge is getting the tanks filled because the lineups are significant.”

Crop prices are strong and high corn prices will support maximizing U.S. plantings next year, so farmers won’t be crimped by the higher fertilizer prices, Schmidt said. Nutrien’s ammonia sales in Canada were higher than expected for the fall and the company is doing everything it can to boost potash production and keep prices from getting too costly for growers.

Fertilizer costs have skyrocketed as high natural gas prices forced some European production plants to halt or curtail production. U.S. spot prices for potash and urea, a form of nitrogen fertilizer, have more than doubled this year, according to Bloomberg’s Green Markets. The rally is stoking fears farmers may pull back on purchases or shift more acres into crops that require less nutrients.

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