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Jan 19, 2017

BlackBerry is ‘dead money’, warns portfolio manager

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Ross Healy, the chairman of Strategic Analysis Corporation and associate at MacNicol & Associates Asset Management, told BNN that BlackBerry (BB.TO) is “dead money” and that there’s nothing left driving the company.

“The pillars that were driving the company aren’t anymore...maybe except for the QNX [operating system],” he said on BNN’s Market Call on Thursday. You’re left with the fact that the big value of this company is basically contracts with governments who love the security of BlackBerry.” 

He suggested that as the company moves further away from the phone business and tries to tap into the heavily-saturated self-driving car market, the "pillars" of the company will continue "crumbling."

Even though Healy once invested in BlackBerry, he said “finally we just said we just have to abandon ship.”

“[CEO] John Chen has had a wonderful past, but I think he’s finally been dealt a hand that he can’t bluff at the table and he can’t win because he’s got a high straight,” he said.

Still, Healy thinks a company takeover is necessary and that it would be a good opportunity.

“I’m still to this day baffled that somebody hasn’t stepped in because the market cap for BlackBerry is so small now,” he said, referfencing Apple and IBM. “It would be a tremendous springboard for future growth.”  

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