Canadians are more pessimistic than ever about the Trump administration.

According to a study released Thursday by the Angus Reid Institute, 77 per cent of Canadians polled say they are ‘pessimistic and worried’ about the remaining three years of the U.S. President’s term. By contrast, only 68 per cent of Canadians polled gave that answer when asked the same question by Angus Reid 11 months ago.

“These numbers paint a picture of negativity among the Canadian public, and one that has worsened the more Canadians have seen from the U.S. leadership,” the report stated. “Further, across gender and political affiliation, each demographic has seen waning optimism heading into year two under Trump.”

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Graphic and data courtesy of the Angus Reid Institute

The number of Canadians that have a ‘very negative’ opinion of Trump has also jumped since last February. Based on the administration’s performance since inauguration, 54 per cent of Canadians polled said they were ‘very negative’ on Trump’s performance. When asked in February, only 41 per cent of respondents gave the same response.

Trump enjoys his highest levels of Canadian support in Alberta. However,  only 29 per cent of respondents in the province give the U.S. president a ‘positive’ review.

Of the President’s Canadian supporters, men were twice as likely to express their support, with 19 per cent of male respondents holding a positive opinion of Trump, compared to just eight per cent of women polled.