(Bloomberg) -- Cathie Wood’s second new exchange-traded fund of the year is launching Wednesday, just as her favored tech stocks finally catch a break.

The ARK Transparency ETF (ticker CTRU) will begin trading a day after every one of its siblings jumped thanks to the global risk rebound. Tuesday’s surge in American growth shares saw Wood’s flagship product, the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK), post its biggest advance since March.

It’s a tentative reprieve for Wood and her firm ARK Investment Management LLC. The past few weeks have been brutal for its tech bets, as a hawkish turn by U.S. monetary policy makers slammed speculative stocks and those whose value is linked to expected earnings far into the future. Higher interest rates make those profits less appealing.

Now, tech is stabilizing as investors spot a chance to buy the dip. ARKK fluctuated in a small range in early trading on Wednesday.

Rather than focus on a disruptive technology, CTRU taps into the boom for investments with higher environmental, social and governance standards. It will track an index of the 100 “most transparent” companies, several of which already appear in ARK’s holdings like Tesla Inc. The gauge excludes industries including alcohol, banking, gambling and oil and gas. 

ARK’s third index-tracking fund, and its ninth ETF in the U.S., carries a 0.55% fee -- lower than its usual expense ratio of 0.75%. 

The firm’s last launch was the ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF (ARKX) in March, at the height of Wood’s popularity. It was one of the biggest debuts in ETF history when more than $294 million worth of shares changed hands on its first day. 

The new fund arrives as market volatility exacerbates meager performance for ARK in 2021. Last week was the worst for ARKK since February as it plunged 12.7% to the lowest in more than a year, and only two of the firm’s existing funds are up in 2021. 

However, all of them have generated net positive inflows as investors buy into Wood’s long-term vision. ARKK jumped 5.4% amid the Tuesday rebound, while the eight products overall delivered an average 4.3% each.

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