(Bloomberg Opinion) -- The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish blend coffee, grab a seat in the beach house and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads:

  • New Details About Wilbur Ross’s Business Point to Pattern of Grifting (Forbes)
  • Ten Years After the Crash, We Are Still Living in the World It Brutally Remade. (New York Magazine)
  • What Trauma Docs Know (Chicago Magazine)
  • James O’Shaughnessy Interview: How he rewrote the rules on stock market investing (Stockopedia)
  • Inside the Very Big, Very Controversial Business of Dog Cloning (Vanity Fair)
  • Visions of Bitcoin: How major Bitcoin narratives changed over time (Medium)
  • The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain (the Atlantic); see also Denialism: what drives people to reject the truth (the Guardian)
  • How Broad, and How Happy, Is the Trump Coalition? (the Upshot)
  • The Spy Who Drove Me (GQ)
  • This NASA spacecraft is about to probe one of Earth’s scariest threats — the sun (Washington Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Lee Cooperman, CEO and chairman of Omega Advisors, a New York-based hedge fund managing $3.5 billion, which is being converted into a family office. Cooperman, 75, is an active philanthropist, a member of the Giving Pledge, and has committed to giving his wealth away in his lifetime.

World Reaches 1,000GW of Wind and Solar, Keeps Going

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