Some salons and tattoo shops might refuse to shut down if the Ontario government once again orders another lockdown, according to a Toronto-based hairstylist.

“I do think that this time a lot of people may refuse to shut down completely if that’s the government order. That’s kind of the sentiment I’m hearing from the industry,” said Kat Marcus, partner and stylist at Palm Sunday.

Marcus said she’s heard of some personal service companies that already defied the lockdown order last time and she thinks the same thing could happen again if the provincial government were to go down a similar path with restrictions.

“I feel like those ones specifically will remain open but a lot of people have just mentioned to me in personal services, whether they do eyebrows or tattoos -- they’ll likely not shutdown if that’s the order,” Marcus said.

“I mean, our businesses have taken hit, after hit, after hit, so it’s kind of understandable.”

The Ontario government announced a new set of restrictions earlier this week to help limit the spread of the Omicron variant.

The restrictions included a 50 per cent capacity limit for all indoor public settings. But some small business owners say they’re worried there could be more to come in the new year.

“This Omicron variant seems very close to home and I think everybody has a contact or somebody very close who’s contracted it,” Marcus said.

“It’s way different this time I find then the previous lockdowns.”

Marcus said whether or not there’s a full lockdown again, the key to surviving this wave as a personal service business will be constant messaging about the health and safety measures they have in-place.

“I think for businesses like mine that are in services, if they do not shut us down, we’re really going to have to amplify the measures that we’re taking to keep staff, guests and community safe,” she said.