Police warned demonstrators camped out on the streets of Canada’s capital that they “must leave the area now” or be subject to arrest under new emergency powers invoked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario’s provincial government.

The warning, delivered Wednesday on flyers handed out in the protest zone near the country’s parliament, reflects a more aggressive approach by law enforcement after Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly resigned on Tuesday.

The flyer handed out by law enforcement warns that protesters “blocking streets, or assisting others in blocking streets, are committing a criminal offense and you may be arrested.”

Demonstrations around Ottawa’s parliamentary precinct are now prohibited by Trudeau’s order, which also instructs banks to cut off funding and services to anyone who is either participating in the blockade or providing support to it.

Police have also been granted power to compel towing companies to provide their services in removing heavy vehicles from the streets. Officials have said towing companies are resisting requests to help because they fear intimidation or are sympathetic to the protesters’ cause.