• Vaping is no longer seen as the ‘safer’ alternative to smoking after a spike in lung-related health problems
  • Rapid Dose Therapeutics™ has developed a non-smoking, non-vaping alternative
  • The company’s discreet product goes beyond the realm of cannabis products 

Vaping has hit the news as being a major medical concern prompting health authorities to re-evaluate legislation surrounding the usage of vape pens and all related equipment. Before this news, vaping was touted as the ‘safer’ alternative to smoking. Still, the lack of evidence-based long-term research to support this claim has resulted in ramifications that are very quickly coming to light with a bumper crop of adverse effects, illnesses, and even deaths.

Vaping up in smoke

A running list shows several U.S. cities enforcing some type of ban on vapes and e-cigarettes in response to vaping-related illnesses. On September 4th, Michigan became the first state to declare an e-cigarette ban. Additional cities that followed a similar course of action include San Francisco, where local politicians have decided to ban vape sales for 2020. New York has also recently issued an emergency ban on flavoured e-cigarettes. The state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, even warned the public, stating, “Vaping is dangerous. No one can say long-term use of vaping — where you’re inhaling steam and chemicals into your lungs — is healthy.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg.


“Vaping has been perceived as the safer alternative to smoking. Consumers desire choice – a choice of product, dosage and how they take their product. With recent health concerns, consumers and health regulators are now questioning the perception of vaping being a safe choice and looking for alternate, convenient and precise delivery solutions.”

— Kristina Shea, Director of Marketing and Communications, Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp.

With countries like Canada expanding on their cannabis legalization framework, the need for safer and better-controlled consumption methods is needed.

As more research into vaping is pending, the Center for Disease Control has recommended that people refrain from using e-cigarettes or vaping pens altogether, especially those that contain THC. As of November 13, 2019, over 2,000 cases of e-cigarette, or vaping product use associated with lung injury, have been reported to the CDC from 49 states with over 42 deaths that have been confirmed.

Yet, as cannabis, CBD, THC and other recreational drugs become more widely available and legalized, the need to ingest these products (be it through edibles or oils) in better ways will become paramount, thus the need for regulated and consistent dosage grows. Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with cannabis, but they require credible information for individual products and importantly, the pros and cons of delivery method choices.


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RDT integrates science and manufacturing to produce QuickStrip™ ­— a proprietary non-inhalation, precise delivery solution to both the medical and recreational cannabis markets.

Quick. Convenient. Precise. Discreet. ™

Rapid Dose Therapeutics (CSE: DOSE) has developed a solution that addresses the transition from smoking and vaping to a non-inhalation delivery method that is Quick, Convenient, Precise and Discreet™ for consumption of therapeutics.

Rapid Dose is a Canadian life sciences company that provides innovative proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life. The company was formed because of a recognized need to move drug delivery to a new level, and that’s precisely what they are doing.

Kristina Shea, Director of Marketing and Communications at Rapid Dose, explains, “Vaping has been perceived as the safer alternative to smoking. Consumers desire choice – a choice of product, dosage and how they take their product. However, with recent health concerns, consumers are now questioning the perception of vaping as a safe choice and looking for alternate convenient and precise delivery solutions.”

“Edibles are also facing similar restrictions to consuming in public spaces — making where to take their cannabis products challenging for the consumer. There is a gap in the market for a smoke-free, vape-free product that provides rapid onset, is easy to take, is precisely dosed, and is discreet. Consistent dosage is also an issue – can you control how many chocolate chips go into every cookie?”

The company’s answer to this market gap comes in the form of its consumer-focused flagship product, QuickStrip™, which is a thin film strip that dissolves in the mouth to directly deliver active ingredients into the bloodstream without entering the lungs and can bypass the liver and stomach for increased uptake and bioavailability.

It’s a non-inhalation, non-edible product that ensures quick absorption and accurate dosage that can be used Anytime, Anywhere™ — including at home, work, travelling, or anywhere that smoking or vaping would be disruptive or inappropriate.

Jason Lewis, Senior Vice President and Business Director at Rapid Dose, notes, “Governments are looking for ways to deliver cannabis, CBD, and THC products without having to inhale it. This delivery system enables the young or old to use therapeutics while decreasing long-term health risks.”

Deployment of machines – Going global

So, how and where will QuickStrip™ products be available? Back in July, Rapid Dose announced that they had completed the last phase of their Managed Strip Services Agreement with Flower One Holdings. Based on this agreement, Flower One would initiate the production of QuickStrip™ products for planned distribution late 2019 to both the adult recreational and medical cannabis markets in Nevada.

Rapid Dose also announced the installation of its QuickStrip™ production equipment at Chemesis International Inc., Puerto Rico and Aphria Inc., Canada. Under the agreements, Flower One, Aphria, and Chemesis have been granted the right to manufacture, distribute, and sell Rapid Dose’s QuickStrip™ products to the cannabis markets in their respective jurisdictions.

These installations enable the commencement of recognition of revenue. This is expected to lead to more exposure and distribution of the QuickStrip™ brand in its many applications.

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Rapid Dose Therapeutics is committed to continually creating innovative solutions aimed at multiple consumer segments and future market needs.

RDT's global agreements will support rapid global expansion of the QuickStrip™ brand and accelerate QuickStrip™ consumer adoption into key international markets

“Worldwide expansion positions Rapid Dose Therapeutics well for scalability and growth,” says Mark Upsdell, CEO and Founder of Rapid Dose. “Whether it be nutraceutical, cannabis or pharmaceutical applications, almost any active ingredient can be precisely dosed and embedded into the QuickStrip™ delivery system. The expansion also aids in broader consumer adoption of QuickStrip™ and its various applications and market penetration.”

Research study with UNLV

In September, Rapid Dose announced the results published in Frontiers of Pharmacology, a pre-clinical research study conducted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, which compared the delivery of caffeine in mice by the QuickStrip™ oral dissolvable film against the direct delivery of caffeine into the stomach. This study determined that the use of the QuickStrip™ film provided an overall 30 per cent increase in bioavailability and produced a faster onset of action than by direct delivery into the stomach.

The full journal report is available to read here.

These early studies are extremely promising. Studies investigating the possible pain-relieving effects of CBD (cannabidiol) are gaining traction and popularity, and Rapid Dose Therapeutics is poised to manufacture CBD products as well. This delivery method will enable people to consume CBD and other cannabinoid products without smoking or vaping.

As Rapid Dose Therapeutics expands its growth and future availability to both nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products, its research has also expanded. “Rapid Dose has relationships with universities and hospitals which will support the company to conduct clinical studies, create therapeutic combinations, and develop consumer-focused products,” explains Upsdell. “These positive relationships demonstrate our commitment to research and development for emerging markets — providing long-term value for shareholders.”

Health Canada grants micro-processing licence to Rapid Dose

On November 19th, Rapid Dose reported that it had been issued a micro-processing licence by Health Canada for its Burlington, Ontario facility following the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations. This was a major milestone for the company, regulators, medical experts, and consumers who are looking for a reliable delivery solution to replace inhalation.

Shea explains, “This licence will allow us to produce millions of QuickStrip™ cannabis products annually to the Canadian market. QuickStrip™ enables licensed producers to embed their unique cannabis product on Rapid Dose’s unique delivery technology while providing consumers with more product choice.”

So, what does this mean for investors?

They can look forward to continued innovation, as well as science and research-backed information. The company will continue to expand its strategic partnerships and further strengthen its unique delivery leadership position within the cannabis sector.

No Smoke. No Smell. No Stigma.™

Anytime. Anywhere.™

Learn more about Rapid Dose Therapeutics at www.rapid-dose.com