(Bloomberg) -- Swiss voters are backing the government in its use of Covid-19 certificates for entry into theaters and restaurants despite vociferous campaigning by skeptics, who consider them an infringement on their civil liberties. 

Initial trends indicate the law will be approved, according to national television station SRF. Polls for the broadcaster had shown the measure, which also covers financial aid to pandemic-stricken companies, was supported by a comfortable majority. 

Final results will be announced later this afternoon.

The passes -- which show if someone has been vaccinated, tested or has recovered from the coronavirus -- are hotly opposed by some in Switzerland and have provoked occasionally violent demonstrations. 

Even the Swiss Are Tightening the Screws on the Unvaccinated

With Europe once again a hotspot for infections, continued use of the certificates is key if Switzerland wants to avoid another lockdown. Vaccination rates in the country are among the lowest in Western Europe.  

Although the case load is rising, the federal government on Wednesday declined to implement any additional national restrictions. Instead it urged cantons, or states, to adjust rules locally, including requiring more mask wearing.

Voters are also seen backing a measure designed to improve pay for nurses. A proposal to reform the way judges get selected is poised to fail.  


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