Environmental and consumer advocacy groups are pressuring automakers that have backed part of the Trump administration’s controversial effort to relax fuel economy standards enacted by the Obama administration.

Newspapers in Detroit, Sacramento and Washington on Thursday will carry an open letter by environmental groups calling out Toyota Motor Corp., General Motors Co., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and other carmakers.

Those companies backed the Trump administration in lawsuits that challenged its decision to strip California’s authority to set tougher greenhouse gas emissions rules than federal regulators, a key element in Trump’s sweeping plan to reshape auto efficiency rules.

“We should be producing the cars of the future, not ceding the clean-car market to other countries,” Gina McCarthy, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council and an Environmental Protection Agency official during the Obama administration, said in a press release announcing the letter.

“It’s unacceptable for these auto executives to side with President Trump as he works to endanger the health and welfare of millions of Americans,” she said.

Separately, Consumer Reports on Wednesday sent a petition signed by 75,000 people urging those carmakers to drop their support. And on the sidelines of an annual auto industry show in Washington, religious leaders were scheduled to pray for automakers, and that they consider the “moral implications” of the administration’s fuel standards policy, according to a press release from groups organizing the opposition.

A draft final rule setting new federal fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for autos is undergoing a White House review before it can be finalized.