• The AlphaNorth Capital Event Conference encourages investors and companies to connect and work collaboratively to build meaningful relationships
  • The conference fosters an environment of like-minded individuals to ensure everyone has the opportunity to gain industry knowledge from experts
  • Capital Event Conference sets itself apart with a unique approach to networking

Capital Event Conference recently hosted the AlphaNorth Capital Investment Conference between January 17-19, 2020, at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar on the tropical coast in Nassau, Bahamas. Capital Event’s title sponsor, AlphaNorth, a Toronto-based investment manager, kicked off the first of seven Capital Event Conferences of the year.

These conferences provide a platform for growth-stage companies in technology and biotech sectors as well as those in special situations to connect with active top-level capital finance individuals. By linking emerging issuers and private companies through a weekend of networking and direct one-on-one meetings, Capital Event aims to build lasting relationships and provide attendees with invaluable market and financing support.

A unique approach to investor relations

Capital Event strives to think outside the box when it comes to networking by balancing the amount of time attendees spend in scheduled meetings with time for fun networking activities such as golfing and private island excursions. This event fosters an event for like-minded individuals to connect on a more personal level. In fact, 85 per cent of professionals say that they develop more meaningful relationships after meeting someone in person.

Their unique approach to networking is showing promising results and Neil Currie, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Capital Event Management, affirms that each conference that is hosted has a massive impact for both investors and companies. He explains, “We can get the value of what it takes to get done in two weeks for these people, being done in one day.” This event has helped close plenty of deals, providing the ideal platform and exposing companies to some of the most sought-after investors in the industry.

Currie adds that the conference is all about introducing a variety of companies from any stage, noting, “By providing a conference of diversity, we gain the reputation with investors for knowing they can expect exciting prospects to bring home to their own investor clients.”


What 2020 holds for investors

Looking into 2020, Currie believes that the industry that stood out as the most prevalent in the Bahamas was Augmented Reality (AR) and he has a feeling that it will be a big year for AR as it is set to be worth over $30 billion by 2030

Currie states that for “every conference, the goal is to find out what the timeliest investment is going to be and what trends are going to skyrocket. This year, Capital Event has accomplished this with its new Investor Breakout Exchange format, which is where, at the end of the events, we put all the investors in a room to debrief on what they believe the top three ideas from their long day of 18 one-on-one meetings are.”

For Currie, one of his favourite aspects of the conference is seeing how these trends evolve and after the conference, the results and trending ideas are posted on their members-only website, which provides attendees with access to powerful information.

“If you’re out of the room, you’re out of the deal!”

So, what’s next?

Capital Event has six more events planned for this year with their next being hosted in Whistler for their 10th annual Whistler Capital Conference at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler from February 7-9, 2020. The following events will take place in Scottsdale, Montreal, Kelowna, Muskoka, and Florida.

Get your tickets for their next conference in Whistler here and ensure you are part of the conversation in gaining the most valuable industry knowledge.

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To hear more from the companies at the Bahamas, see the YouTube playlist below.