As many Canadians are settling into their work-from-home lifestyle amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a new survey shows most workers are ready for this temporary change to become a permanent reality.

A report by ADP Canada and Maru/Blue found 45 per cent of working Canadians would prefer to work remotely for at least three days a week. The idea of changing the traditional workplace is particularly popular with younger employees, as 61 per cent aged 18 and 34 say they would support the split week between the office and their house.

However, while there’s growing interest among Canadians for flexible work schedules, 69 per cent say they would not accept reduced compensation if this were to happen.

In terms of returning to the office during the pandemic, many workers have mixed feelings about the transition back and are concerned for their personal safety.

The survey showed around one in four Canadians are either anxious about returning or don’t want to go back at all, with over half saying that they are worried about catching COVID-19 once they return to the workplace.

Although many workers are concerned about contracting coronavirus, 84 per cent think their employer has taken the necessary steps to protect workers with increased sanitization and social distancing measures.

"While it appears most employees feel their employer has taken the necessary precautions to protect them, ongoing communication and education can help ease additional anxiety Canadians may be experiencing," says Heather Haslam, vice president of marketing at ADP Canada.

"By sharing a clear re-opening plan and setting expectations, employers can mitigate health and safety concerns and ensure employees are aware of new policies and what to expect when they come back to work."