Canada needs to take a hawkish stance on trade as leaders around the world prioritize their own best interests, according to former NAFTA advisory council member James Moore.

“The days of being boy scouts in the trade world I think are over for Canada, and I think that’s a very good thing,” Moore, who also served as the minister of industry under former prime minister Stephen Harper, told BNN Bloomberg in a television interview Wednesday.

“I think Canada needs to smarten up, toughen up, and make sure the government of Canada is there to support those industries that are facing asymmetric threats from sometimes belligerent governments.”

Moore said Canada is in an “advantageous position” when it comes to trade given the number of agreements it has with other nations, giving the country “unparalleled access” to global markets. But he warned Canada needs to be realistic after being “mugged by the realities of tough regimes that look out for their own first.”

When it comes to Canada’s trade relationship with the U.S., its largest trading partner, Moore said there’s always going to be tension, whether it’s over aluminum under President Donald Trump or the Keystone XL pipeline if Joe Biden is elected in November.

“I think we need a tough government that is realistic about the future,” Moore said.