(Bloomberg) -- Fitch Group will start offering sustainability ratings in response to growing demand from investors increasingly anxious about climate and social risk.

Under the name Sustainable Fitch, the firm plans “to offer the broadest coverage from a single provider” based on issuers’ environmental, social and governance metrics, according to a statement on Wednesday.

The market for ESG products has ballooned to over $35 trillion, spawning support services that offer analysis and rankings of sustainability claims being made. But investors, who foot the bill for such research, have started to criticize the lack of uniformity and transparency in the ESG ratings industry, and some are now demanding they be subject to the same kind of oversight that regulators apply to credit ratings.

Sustainable Fitch will initially focus on investments labeled ESG before covering the wider fixed-income market at a later stage, it said.

Other companies that provide ESG ratings include MSCI Inc., Morningstar Inc. and Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. Bloomberg LP, the parent of Bloomberg News, also offers ESG ratings.


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