Canadians are expected to spend more on Halloween candies, pumpkins and costumes this year, according to a report by HelloSafe.

The report released Tuesday found Canadians will likely spend 28.4 per cent more this year, compared to 2021.

Individuals are expected to dish out around $87.60 for the spooky tradition, but it’s still less than the $97 Canadians were spending before COVID-19, the report stated.

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According to the report, costumes are expected to be the largest expense for Canadians, with the average person set to spend $41.50, or 47.5 per cent, of their budget on dressing up.

Here are the other areas Canadians are expected to spend money for Halloween:

  • $22.40 on candy
  • $12.90 on activities and other expenses
  • $10.80 on pumpkins and other decorations



HelloSafe expects Canadians across the country will spend a total of $1.64 billion on Halloween this year. While that’s more than last year, it’s still $730 million less than it was before the pandemic in 2019.

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Kids might get a better haul trick-or-treating this year, with the report outlining that $486 million worth of candy is expected to be sold across Canada this month.

This is a $101-million increase from 2021, when Canadians only bought $385 million worth of sweet treats.