(Bloomberg) -- With oil storage tanks stuffed from Savannah to San Francisco, one company is proposing a novel solution for stowing your excess barrels of bitumen, asphalt and grease: Stick it in a bag.

“Think of wine in a box, and that’s basically it,” said Lynn Stacy III, managing director of OEC Group Liquid Logistics Solutions.

The company this week began advertising storage in 147-barrel polyethylene bags that are then tucked into 20-foot shipping containers, a combination known as flexitanks. While straight crude and gasoline can’t be stored in the bags, industrial oils used for producing motor oils and grease can be.

Stacy said demand for the bags is up because base oils that once were shipped to Germany now need homes until the market turns again. Usually, the flexitanks store wine, food oils and ingredients for rubber tires.

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