Porsche Cars Canada President and CEO Marc Ouayoun says half of their cars will be electric within the next five years.

“We try to be as flexible as possible because the pace of change will be different from North America to China to Europe,” Ouayoun said in a television interview with BNN Bloomberg’s Greg Bonnell that aired Tuesday.

“But it’s clear within the next five years we believe that 50 per cent of our cars will be electric.”

The luxury car maker has been ramping up its electric car offerings over the past few years, taking the traditional sports car model and creating a greener option for drivers.

“A couple years ago we really thought about sports cars, how do we imagine our future because of new trends in sustainability, and we finally decided to go electric because that fits very well with the brand,” Ouayoun said.

Porsche’s new electric sports car, the Taycan, is set to be released later this quarter with a price tag starting at around $120,000. The car will join the other eight models Porsche has rolled out over the past decade to expand its presence in the luxury electric market.

“We decided to go first with a plug-in hybrid, that was 10 years ago …  combining the best of both worlds between a combustion engine and electrification with long range, for example, and the possibility to drive with no emissions,” he said. “The next step, the new era for us, is the Taycan coming now as a pure electric sports car.”

One of the main concerns Ouayoun said he’s heard from Canadians wanting to go electric is the car’s driving range and location of charging stations. But he said the auto space is quickly changing in Canada and those issues will soon be resolved.

“That will be a great peace of mind,” he said.

Electrify Canada, an Ajax, Ont.-based company, is working with several electric car makers such as Porsche to create ultra-fast charging stations across Canada near main highways and cities across different provinces. In mid-December, Porsche Canada announced an agreement with the company to give all Taycan owners free 30-minute charging at Electrify Canada locations for the first three years of ownership, in an attempt to relieve some of the stress of finding charging locations.

But while the company is focused on expanding its presence in the luxury electric car space, Ouayoun said the traditional Porsche isn’t going away anytime soon.

“These cars will continue as long as we can sell them,” he said. “It’s appealing for our traditional customers.”