(Bloomberg) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping said the country is facing more complex risks and challenges, domestically and on the international stage, than ever before, according to a report from the Xinhua News Agency. 

China is entering a new phase that offers strategic opportunities, though increasingly complicated problems must also be be addressed, Xi said in a speech to local government leaders on Tuesday in Beijing, the news organization reported. The upcoming 20th Party Congress will lay out development goals and major policies for the next five years or longer, he said. 

Xi praised the Party’s response to situations that carried enormous risks in recent years, saying it successfully handled issues including the Taiwan Strait and the Covid-19 pandemic. He said he will promote a “comprehensive process” of people’s democracy, safeguard national security and maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Xi also said China carried out a “people’s war” against Covid-19, achieving the best results in the world by balancing economic development and pandemic prevention and control. He called on Party members to strengthen their self-discipline and win the support of the people to consolidate its long-term ruling position. 

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