While youth unemployment rose slightly in October, it was even higher for younger Canadians who are part of a racialized group and Indigenous youth.

Statistics Canada data released Friday showed the overall youth unemployment rate for those between the ages of 15 and 24 rose by 0.9 per cent in October to 11.4 per cent. According to Statistics Canada, youth unemployment has been historically elevated compared to older adults. 

On an annual basis, youth unemployment rose 1.9 per cent to 11.1 per cent in October, according to Statistics Canada. Between March and October, the unemployment rate rose by 2.7 per cent among female youth, compared to 1.8 per cent for male youth.

“In October, the unemployment rate remained notably higher for youth who were part of a racialized group and for Indigenous youth,” Statistics Canada said.

“Among the largest racialized groups, the unemployment rate was higher in October for Black (17.7 per cent) and Chinese (14.7 per cent) Canadian youth than for the total youth population (three-month moving averages, not seasonally adjusted).”

Youth unemployment rates among South Asian Canadians came in at 12.7 per cent, the data found.

On an annual basis, Statistics Canada found unemployment rates were “little changed” for South Asian and Chinese youth, however, rose by 3.9 per cent among Black youth.

“In October, the unemployment rate for First Nations youth living off-reserve was 16.4 per cent, up 4.2 percentage points on a year-over-year basis,” Statistics Canada said.

“Among Métis youth, the unemployment rate was 13.2 per cent, little changed from the same month in 2022.”