The battle between Walt Disney Co. and Sony Corp. over terms relating to the companies’ Spider-Man partnership may never come to an end, says the Canadian comic book titan who helped reshape the iconic superhero character.

“I don’t know they’re going to reconcile this difference,” said Todd McFarlane, founder and CEO of McFarlane Toys, in an interview with BNN Bloomberg Thursday.

Disney acquired Marvel Studios for US$4 billion in 2009 but Sony holds films rights to Spider-Man. And according to a Bloomberg News report, the two sides haven’t been able to agree on new terms for their partnership.

Spider-Man may be out of Marvel films amid Sony-Disney dispute

BNN Bloomberg's Amber Kanwar and Jon Erlichman discuss how Spider-Man's future with the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be up in the air.

Disney has reportedly been requesting a 50-per-cent share of profits in the Spider-Man films, a staggering jump from the current arrangement in which Disney receives a five-per-cent share of box-office revenue.

“[Sony’s] going, ‘We don’t need to give away the farm because we’re doing quite fine without you,’” McFarlane said.  

“If I was an exectuve of Sony, I would say no. I don’t know what executive’s going to give them that jump.”  

The Calgary native who began his career at Marvel and went on to create his own franchise behind the popular Spawn comics, said he’s always chosen control over money in his own business, and has said ‘no’ to buy-out opportunities over the years.

 “I’ve got money – I don’t need it,” McFarlane said.  “I don’t even spend what I have. So I don’t need to get more of what I don’t spend so that I cannot have control in my life.”

“Eventually they went, ‘There’s the crazy guy that doesn’t like money.’ And they stopped coming. So I’ll be private my whole, entire life. ”

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